Film Offerings

MasterExtrusion is Proud to Provide a Wide Variety of Film Blends for Various Applications. Contact Us to Help You Develop a Customized Film to Meet Your Needs and Increase Your Efficiency Today.

  • Herculite –  Next generation metallocene toughened case pack (plain) shrink film. Suitable for down-gauging. Enhanced sealing for dual roll shrink tunnels.
  • Super Shrink –    State of the industry low density PE rich print grade shrink film. Ultra-high shrink energy for demanding applications like glass bottles and packs on pads.
  • No Stick Film Over Film – Advanced anti-stick shrink film for film-over-film applications. Proven on a wide range of commercial uses.
  • Case Pack One –   Multi-purpose coextruded plain shrink film. Best in class tensile strength and shrink properties. Cost effective design for a wide range of applications.
  • Polar Impact –  Next generation metallocene toughened frozen food film. Ultra-high impact strength for heavyweight meat and bone–in poultry applications.
  • IQF Frozen Food – Multipurpose coextruded frozen food film with best in class zipper sealing. Suitable for individually quick frozen applications. Cost effective design also serves as sealant laminating web.
  • Top Shrink–  State of the industry linear rich PE print grade shrink film. Suitable for nested packs and cans.
  • Matte Frozen Food– Advanced coextruded frozen food film with low gloss matte finish and soft touch feel. Suitable for products desiring an organic marketing look.
  • Heavy Duty– High tensile strength coextruded lawn and garden film. Cost effective design suitable for mulch bags and lawn products like decorative gravel.
  • TTO Towel and Tissue–  Best in class towel and tissue wrapper film. Superior optics to all competitors. Excellent machining on high-speed wrapper equipment.
  • BW Bundle Wrap–  Best in class towel and tissue multi-pack bundling film. Superior sealing to all competitors.  Excellent matching on high-speed HFFS bundling equipment.
  • Metal One– State of the industry coextruded metallizing film. Low gel level and smooth skin surface support defect-free metallizing. Medium density structure provides excellent machining.